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Parents trust your school to help their children prepare for life after high school, whether they move on to a career or continue their education in a vocational school or university setting. When you take steps to help them prepare for college in a practical way, you can deepen their gratitude and improve your school’s reputation.

We’re proud that Abeka is college preparatory. Our textbooks, teaching approach, and courses of study all foster a student’s ability to read with discernment, think critically, and tackle challenging academic subject matter. So we’d like to offer some guidance and tips on how you can help further prepare your students for college. Even if some of these suggestions aren’t a good fit for your circumstances, let them serve as a way to jumpstart your thinking.

Make ACT and SAT Test Preparation Part of the Program


Let’s face it, your high school students are just teenagers. Their parents are busy. You can help them by encouraging extracurricular study groups and tutoring groups. Use your imagination and creativity. Students and parents alike will be grateful, especially in smaller communities where test preparation opportunities are rare.

Be the First Resource for Parents

College Eval

Parents will know that your school is committed to preparing their children for college when you become their first source for tips, advice, and guidance. Do your own research about colleges, financial aid, admissions, and so forth. Compile it and offer it to parents and students. Create a checklist like the one shown in Fig. 1 that offers a thoughtful and prayerful way to consider their decisions about college.
(Click the image to download a printable version of the College Evaluator.)

Bring College to Your Campus

Every year, invite representatives from various colleges to make a presentation to your high school students. If your school is in a remote location or small community, keep in mind that this could also be done virtually via teleconference. Think about asking a new representative to visit the school once every few months. Finally, consider holding a college fair where several representatives visit your campus on a single evening so parents as well as students can attend.

Junior/Senior Trips


If you really want to go the extra mile, organize a trip during the school year or just as summer break begins. Charge a reasonable fee for the excursion. Plan to visit several colleges over the course of three or four days. Not only can this be a source of revenue for your school, you’ll be providing a valuable resource for parents who might not otherwise be able to take their child on college visits.

By presenting your school as a resource for college preparation, you’ll show parents that Christian values and higher education are both important to you.

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