Professional Development for Teachers

professional development for teachers

In the world of education, things are always changing. It’s critical to stay current. New instructional methods, advancements in technology, and updated laws and procedures are just a few areas educators need to stay up-to-date on through continued learning and professional development. 

Professional development not only benefits you, it directly benefits your students. It’s essential you continually strengthen your practice to ensure your students achieve success. This applies to new and veteran teachers—no matter where you are in your career, professional development will always pay off.

Personal research, online courses, seminars and educational events are all great ways to stay on top of professional development, but the most effective form of these events are specific to the curriculum you teach. This is why we offer a variety of ways for Abeka Christian School teachers to participate in continuing education. Not only will educators be exposed to new teaching skills and tactics—they’ll learn new ways to teach Abeka’s curriculum. 

Teachers Clinics

We host a Teachers Clinic for new and experienced educators every fall. As an attendee, you’ll learn how to keep lessons on track, how to keep students engaged, how to handle discipline, and more. You’ll have an opportunity to observe real classrooms in action, network with other educators, learn how to use modern technology with traditional education, and browse materials at the Abeka book sale. And most importantly, you’ll come away with practical knowledge of how to be a better teacher for your students and your school. 

Summer Seminar 

Open to administrators, teachers, and staff, our Summer Seminar is taught by skilled professionals with years of experience. As a participant, you will learn and strengthen practical skills and methods through in-depth training based on what has worked well at Pensacola Christian Academy for over 60 years.    

Principals Clinic 

Leadership matters. And Professional Development isn’t just for teachers—it’s for principals and administrators, too! Each spring, we offer a Principals Clinic where school administrators observe how things are done at Pensacola Christian Academy and discover new ideas to implement at their own schools. Attendees learn how to run effective parent-teacher meetings and programs, best practices for using the Abeka curriculum, and much more. 

In-Service Training

We never want budget to prevent teachers from continuing to work on their craft. Join other teachers at a location near you for In-Service Training to be encouraged and to learn. At these events, Abeka curriculum experts will share their first-hand experiences and insight on how to teach most successfully with Abeka. Plus, you’ll also have the opportunity to earn In-Service Points and Continuing Education Units. 

Online Learning 

Can’t make it to any of our in-person trainings or seminars? We offer free online courses for teachers of all grades. Since all sessions are prerecorded, they’re easily accessible from anywhere, anytime. From the comfort of your own home, discover ways to improve classroom procedures and get valuable tips on how to teach Abeka curriculum. And even though you weren’t able to attend an event, you’ll still earn In-Service Points and Continuing Education Units. 

Interested in learning more about Abeka’s Professional Development opportunities? Visit our website.


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