Stained Glass Landscape

  • White glue bottle (about half full)
  • Black tempera paint
  • Pencil
  • Drawing paper
  • Chalk pastels

Abeka Craft

1. Squirt some black tempera into your glue bottle and shake it up until it is thoroughly mixed

Abeka Craft
2. Draw out a landscape or make a design on your paper.

Abeka Craft
3. Trace over your pencil lines with the black glue. Let the glue dry.

Abeka Craft
4. Color in the spaces with chalk pastels and blend with your finger.

Abeka Craft

Abeka Craft

  • If there are allergies to chalk, this activity can also be completed with watercolor or paint.
  • Optional, but it is a good idea to spray the finished chalk drawing with a fixative or hairspray to seal in the chalk dust and prevent smudging.

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