Wood Slice Owls


This adorable owl craft will be the perfect addition to your Autumn Animal lessons.


Purchased or found wood slice

Acrylic paint


Small piece of cardboard




Bottle caps

Large and small circle buttons

Pipe cleaners

Hot glue gun




1. Paint a small piece of cardboard for the owl’s beak; let dry.

Paint cardboard

2. Cut out a triangle shape from the cardboard.

Cut out a triangle shape

3. Cut out half a circle “wings” from the burlap.

Cut out half a circle

4. *Use hot glue to attach the beak, buttons for the eyes and burlap wings to the wood slice.

Hot glue burlap wings

Hot glue buttons

Hot glue beak

5. Create legs and feet for the owls with pipe cleaners.

Create legs and feet

6. *Hot glue the legs underneath the bottom of the wood slice and feathers to the top of the head.

Hot glue legs and feathers

We’d love to see your homegrown creation! Make sure to tag your pics with #abekacrafts

*Adult supervision suggested for steps involving these materials

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