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My New Home Book Cover

My New Home

Students who enjoyed My New Name in second grade and My New Song in third grade will love seeing what happens next in My New Home!

Bible 5 Journal

Bible 5 Journal

More details coming soon! Click below to order.

Trapped in a Hot Air Balloon Book Cover

Trapped in a Hot Air Balloon

A thrilling adventure story with deep life lessons, Trapped in a Hot Air Balloon will quickly become one of your students’ favorite choices . . .


Reading Comprehension 4 Book Cover

Reading Comprehension 4

The newly updated Reading Comprehension 4 is a collection of short, captivating readings designed to take your students’ comprehension . . .

Bible 4 Journal Book Cover

Bible 4 Journal

Like archaeologists searching for treasure, your students will discover truths and practical applications . . .

Language 4 Book Cover

God’s Gift of Language 4

With this updated version of God’s Gift of Language 4, your students will develop effective communication skills . . .

Language 4 Teacher Edition Book Cover

God’s Gift of Language 4 Teacher Edition

The thinking skills and communication ability your students will develop in your fourth grade language class will benefit them for a lifetime.

Writing with Purpose 4 Book Cover

Writing with Purpose 4

Ignite your students’ imagination with the new, colorful edition of Writing with Purpose 4.

Adventures in Other Lands Book Cover

Adventures in Other Lands

Help your students develop speed and comprehension skills as they read about children and missionaries from faraway places . . .

Once upon a Story Book Cover

Once upon a Story

Once upon a Story is a brand-new reader featuring Build on It activities and a variety of talented authors.

Pilgrim's Progress: Christiana's Journey Book Cover

Pilgrim’s Progress: Christiana’s Journey

Pilgrim’s Progress: Christiana’s Journey is a new addition to the fourth-grade reading program!

In His Hands Book Cover

In His Hands

In this fascinating new reader, your students will develop an appreciation for the wonderful, diverse world God has created . . .

Song of the Brook Book Cover

Song of the Brook

The student text has been updated and features new art to illustrate the well-loved story of Hilda.

Road Trip East Book Cover

Road Trip East

Explore the eastern half of the U.S. with the Jacksons, a Canadian family taking a road trip east of the Mississippi River.

Road Trip West Book Cover

Road Trip West

Travel west of the Mississippi River with the Daniels family as they explore four regions of the western United States.

Fables and Folktales Book Cover

Fables and Folktales

The new Fables and Folktales reader includes a wide variety of selections to engage your students’ interest . . .

Gifts and Gadgets Book Cover

Gifts and Gadgets

Be inspired by Ty Baxter as he develops new gadgets to help his friends in this exciting new student reader.

Spelling 4 Book Cover

Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry 4

The new Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry 4 offers many improvements—starting with the size.

Spelling 4 Teacher Edition Book Cover

Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry 4 Teacher Edition

This new teacher edition of Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry 4 is as helpful as a book could possibly be!

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