Keyboarding and Document Processing

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Item No.  160407
Grades 10th Grade – 12th Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Binding Spiral
Pages 160
Edition Second
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Though typing/keyboarding class is generally listed as an elective, in today’s age of technology keyboarding is an essential life skill! Computers—and thus the skill of keyboarding—are indispensable. Regardless of your high schooler’s previous exposure to keyboarding, this practical book begins with the basics to provide the foundation for excellent technique from which speed and accuracy flow. Text may be used for up to three semesters of instruction!—two semesters of keyboarding (chap. 1–8) and one semester of document processing (chap. 9–12). Applies keyboarding skills to an office setting or academic assignments. Gr. 10–12.

Product Benefits

  • Clear explanation and constant reinforcement. Diagrams and step-by-step instructions clearly explain proper posture and finger and arm positions. Instruction starts with “home row” keys, adding only one or two keys at a time and constantly reinforcing previous learning. Regular reviews prepare your teen for tests.
  • No typing stand needed! A built-in design feature allows the book to stand alone vertically on a desktop. The top spiral binding makes the page stay flat.
  • Integration of biblical principles and character training. Besides heeding instruction, your teen will be taught principles of time management, attention to detail as he is trained in proofreading (including learning proofreading marks), care for the appearance of his work, and organization—valuable life skills!
  • No special software or hardware needed. In a time when computer programs are outdated almost as fast as they are written, every effort has been made to give you clear and concise instruction that is not dependent on any particular program.
  • Quality, practical content for typing exercises. Your teen will look forward to proofreading just to see the fascinating information he has typed! Exercises include humorous sayings, intriguing facts, character-building thoughts and quotations, Bible passages, and typical content that he could expect to encounter in an academic or business setting from a Christian camp to a corporation.
  • Formatting according to established standards. Document formatting skills are taught based on what is commonly accepted and used in professional settings: the Gregg Reference Manual for business documents and Turabian and Modern Language Association guidelines for academic projects.
172316 Keyboarding & Document Processing Solution Key
160415 Keyboarding & Document Processing Teacher Guide/Solution Key
170003 Keyboarding Quiz and Test Book
170038 Document Processing Quiz and Test Book

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