Growing Up with Amber Lamb Visuals

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Item No.  167231
Grades 2 Years – 3 Years
Dimensions 12 x 15.5
Pages 60
Edition Second
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Use these visualized stories to help your child learn life lessons along with Amber Lamb. Both Amber Lamb and your child will learn how to interact with others, to be kind, to pray, to share, to obey, to tell the truth, to be a helper at home, and so much more. Amber Lamb also introduces your child to her preschool friends: Button Bear, Katie Kitten, Lolly Lop-Ears, and Mickey Monkey. Colorful illustrations and fun poems help make Amber Lamb’s stories exciting. Amber Lamb and Button Bear puppets (sold separately) are also available to help the stories come to life. Preschool.

173762 Amber Lamb Felt Hand Puppet
173789 Button Bear Felt Hand Puppet
107638 Homeschool Preschool Lesson Plans

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