Grade 4 Language Arts Child Kit

Grade 4 Language Arts Child Kit

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Grade 4th Grade
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The Abeka language arts program integrates and balances the learning of language subject matter with the development of language skills. Grammar, word usage, mechanics, spelling, vocabulary, reading, and penmanship are taught, practiced, and reviewed thoroughly. Your child will also make great progress in the skills of cursive writing, oral reading and interpretation, reading with speed and comprehension, clear and correct oral and written communication, and logical thinking. The Grade 4 Language Arts Child Kit contains texts and correlated assessments for the grade 4 language arts program—11 items total. (Also highly recommended are the novels Saved at Sea and Song of the Brook for book reports, sold separately.) Combine this kit with the Grade 4 Language Arts Parent Kit, and you can confidently teach and guide your fourth grader through a year of academic excellence in language arts. He will have begun building a foundation for lifelong learning and success.

Kit Features

  • Reading—Reading from a wide variety of authors and genres in his four story collections gives your child insight into his world and inspires him with Christian ideals and spiritual values. Watch his reading comprehension and vocabulary take a leap with the added emphasis on reading speed and comprehension skills.
  • Grammar and Composition—You will be thrilled to see your fourth grader become more comfortable with correct grammar in conversation and composition.
  • Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry—A straightforward teach/practice/test approach makes spelling “second nature” to your young writer. He will also learn to spell, define, and use 5–10 vocabulary words in each lesson. And what an accomplishment when he can recite from memory all 6 poems!
  • Penmanship—Daily penmanship practice begins with a review of cursive letter formation and then graduates into creative writing and journal entries.

The following items are included in this kit:

106828 Read and Think 4 Skill Sheets
106852 Salute to Courage
105902 Liberty Tree
105864 Flags Unfurled
105929 Trails to Explore
105953 Adventures in Other Lands Speed and Comprehension Reader
98752 God's Gift of Language A
105627 God's Gift of Language A Quiz and Test Book
106666 Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry 4
112909 Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry 4 Test Book
106453 Penmanship Mastery I
97780 Saved at Sea (Highly Recommended)
97772 Song of the Brook (Highly Recommended)
108766 Art A

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