Vocabulary, Poetry VI Quiz Book

Vocabulary, Poetry VI Quiz Book

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Item No.  183083
Grade 12th Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Binding Paperback
Pages 31
Edition 5th
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Make sure that your senior has the doors of lifelong learning opened to him through a growing knowledge of words. Since learning is a language-based activity, knowledge of vocabulary is profoundly essential to listening, speaking, reading, and writing—not to mention thinking. Use this quiz book to know that your teen is not only learning the valuable words in the lessons but is also gaining the tools to unlock the meanings of thousands of other words. The quiz book is correlated with the text Vocabulary, Poetry VI, 5th ed., and the Homeschool English 12 Parent Guide/Student Daily Lessons. Answers and grading instructions are sold separately in the Vocabulary, Poetry VI Quiz Key. Grade 12.

Product Features

  • Vocabulary words are quizzed in a wide variety of formats testing recall, ability to choose the correct synonym or antonym, and application of the vocabulary words to an appropriate context. The variety of formats both within quizzes and from quiz to quiz allows you to evaluate whether your teen truly has an understanding of the words.
  • Quizzing over the meanings of prefixes, suffixes, and roots encourages your twelfth grader to develop the tools for discerning the meanings of thousands of new words.
  • Since the 12 vocabulary quizzes (which include 4 review quizzes) fall naturally at the end of the vocabulary list completed every three weeks, making adjustments to your schedule is easy. The Homeschool English 12 Parent Guide/Student Daily Lessons provides for approximately two weeks of vocabulary study out of every three weeks, allowing extra time for reinforcing the grammar and literature concepts before that unit test.
  • The 4 quarterly review quizzes combine the present unit’s words with review over the entire quarter or semester. This continued exposure to the words (many of which are also in the literature books) builds your twelfth grader’s comfort and confidence in using the vocabulary words in his own speech and writing.

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