America: Land I Love Digital Textbook

America: Land I Love Digital Textbook


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Grade 8th Grade
Digital Item Type Digital Textbook
Pages 435
Edition Third
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Digital Book. There will be no “I don’t like history” comments when your teen reads this text! He will love the narrative style of the text and the many illustrations, maps, and photographs that invite him to explore the past and learn about the personalities and events that shaped the American character. He will be inspired as he studies the faith, patriotism, and moral conviction of many great Americans. The highlighted key facts and review sections help make the learning stick. Gr.8.

Digital teacher editions are sold in the form of a perpetual license.

201707 America: Land I Love Teacher Edition
290564 America: Land I Love Answer Key
201715 America: Land I Love Test Book
201723 America: Land I Love Test Key

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