Pilgrim's Progress (Literary Classics) Digital Textbook

Pilgrim's Progress (Literary Classics) Digital Textbook


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Grade 12th Grade
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Pages 227
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In conjunction with English Literature, your senior will study one of the most perfect allegories ever produced, John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress. This book that Bunyan started while imprisoned for preaching tells the story of Christian’s journey to the Celestial City and the temptations, enemies, and challenges he faces along the way. Content questions corresponding to each chapter will check factual, interpretive, and inferential comprehension.  Helpful study notes are also included throughout the book to increase understanding. This book is complete with illustrations, footnotes indicating Bible references for biblical allusions or paraphrases, and composition suggestions. Part of Abeka's Literary Classics Series.

With this digital version, your student is able to read and view the book on any mobile, tablet, or computer device. Just like having a regular book, your student can highlight and leave notes in the margin of this digital text. Enhance learning with various features such as copy, paste, search, bookmark, and zoom. Save more space and cost by purchasing this digital version of the Pilgrim’s Progress novel.


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