World History Teaching Transparencies

World History Teaching Transparencies

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Grades 7th Grade, 10th Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Pages 26
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World History Teaching Transparencies are designed for teaching and reviewing the information presented in History of the World, World Atlas and Geography Studies: Eastern Hemisphere, and World History and Cultures. The physical, political, and historical maps may be used to point out important locations during the history lesson and to teach and review the World Atlas and Geography Studies: Eastern Hemisphere. They may also be used for quizzes, review games, or contests. Transparencies 1-9 have labeled overlays. The unlabeled maps are ideal for review; the labeled overlays provide a key and may be used with the maps as a visual aid for the lesson.

Physical and Political Maps
1. World-Physical
2. Eastern Hemisphere
3. Western Hemisphere
4. Middle East
5. Europe
6. Africa
7. Asia
8. North America
9. South America

Historical Maps
10A Hammurabi’s Babylonian Empire
10B Egyptian Empire
10C Hittite Empire
10D Assyrian, New Babylonian, and Persian Empires
11A Empire of Alexander the Great
11B Roman Empire at its Height
11C Roman Empire Divided
11D Arab Muslim Empire