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You can homeschool.

You don’t need special training!

You can provide the education that imparts Christian values and prepares your children for success. (And you don’t have to do it alone.)

You’re in the driver’s seat. We’re here to help.

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good resource

This is my 7th year using Abeka for homeschooling—now schooling 7 of my 8 children. Abeka has been a great partner in their education and has always been a good resource for us.
Kristy G.

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Know exactly where you’re going—and how to get there—with Abeka’s easy-to-follow, tried-and-true materials.

Journey from preschool through high school graduation without getting lost along the way.

History Curriculum from Abeka
Gods Word

Content guided by the unfailing compass of God’s Word

lesson plans

Lesson plans to show you the way every day—your support system on paper


Visually stimulating textbooks & visual aids for preschool–12th grade


Digital products to add variety to your adventure

Video Lessons

Expert teaching on video (so you don’t have to do all the driving yourself)

Flexible Options to Fit How You Homeschool

Abeka offers everything from individual items (like math flashcards) to a complete program with books, lessons on video, and accreditation.

So how do you want to homeschool? There’s an option whether you’re new or experienced . . . eclectic or traditional.

You can use books & Abeka Academy video homeschooling for full grades.

If you choose this option, you get

  • 170 days of engaging video lessons for every subject
  • Pre-recorded teaching from an expert teacher
  • Your child’s books, tests & quizzes
  • Your free video manual and test & quiz keys
  • Digital assessments available in 7th–12th grade instead of paper tests & quizzes
  • Academic help available free
  • Accreditation available free

You can teach it yourself using books & support materials.

You can find everything you and your child need to homeschool, including

  • Your child’s books
  • Step-by-step lesson plans
  • Teacher editions
  • Teaching aids (flashcards, manipulatives, charts, digital teaching aids, etc.)
  • Choose from individual products, subject kits & full-grade kits.

You can teach using a mix of books, support materials & video lessons.

You can find everything you and your child need to homeschool, including

  • Your child’s books
  • Step-by-step lesson plans
  • Teacher editions
  • Teaching aids (flashcards, manipulatives, charts, digital teaching aids, etc.)
  • Video lessons
    • by subject in 7th–12th grade
    • in video-subject combos in 1st–6th grade
    • or get 10 hours of access to any subject, any grade with lessons on demand
  • Choose from individual products, subject kits & full-grade kits.

Curriculum that Grows with Your Child

Every subject, including Bible

Every grade (preschool–12th)

Age-appropriate content

College-preparatory plan of study

What’s “every subject”?

It’s all the basics for that grade level, plus art in preschool–6th and electives in 7th–12th. (For music, K4–6th grade also have fun songbooks and accompanying CDs.)

To see a list of each grade’s subjects, click on the grade below.


  • arts and crafts
  • numbers and skills
  • letters and sounds
  • language development
  • Bible stories
Shop Preschool

Kindergarten (K4 & K5)

  • phonics
  • reading
  • writing
  • numbers
  • developmental skills
  • art
  • Bible
Shop K4 Shop K5

1st Grade

  • language arts (language, spelling & poetry, phonics, reading, writing
  • arithmetic
  • history
  • science/health
  • art
  • Bible
Shop 1st Grade

2nd & 3rd Grade

  • language arts (language, spelling & poetry, phonics in 2nd grade, reading, writing)
  • arithmetic
  • science/health
  • history
  • art
  • Bible
Shop 2nd Grade Shop 3rd Grade

4th–6th Grade

  • language arts (language, spelling & poetry, reading, writing)
  • arithmetic
  • science/health
  • history/geography
  • art
  • Bible
Shop 4th Shop 5th Shop 6th

7th–12th Grade

  • language arts
  • mathematics
  • science
  • health (9th grade)
  • history/geography
  • electives (including Bible)
Shop 7th–8th Shop 9th–12th

Each grade will give you lessons for 170 school days.

Your child will have engaging books written and edited by skilled, experienced Christian educators.

You’ll have teaching aids, clear lesson plans, and the option of expertly taught lessons on video.

Because you’ll have the right tools, you’ll be able to homeschool with confidence even if you’ve never done it before.

What Will Your Child Learn When?

See Scope & Sequence
Abeka in person

Biblical, Parent-Led Philosophy

Abeka’s curriculum is parent led and focuses on building character. Why?

  1. Because it’s biblical. It follows Proverbs 22:6a, which says, “Train up a child in the way he should go.”

  2. Because it’s practical. With a parent-led philosophy, you can make sure your children are well prepared for life—without gaps in their learning.

  3. Because oral teaching and review is so important. Children learn by hearing, seeing, and doing. If education is entirely reading based or entirely project based, they miss out on that vitally important piece of the puzzle.

See Our Approach

Challenging Content from a Christian Perspective

What does “Christian curriculum” mean?

What does “Christian curriculum” mean?

Some curriculums incorporate faith and doctrine, but neglect academics.

Some include challenging academics, but neglect faith. (The materials are mainly secular, with a few verses sprinkled in.)

With Abeka, you can count on high academics AND a biblical worldview so your children aren’t left half prepared to make a difference in the world.

Every subject is approached from a Christian perspective, and you’ll find Scripture and biblical principles used to emphasize or illustrate concepts.

See Subject Distinctives See What We Believe
Content from a Chrisitan Perspective

Methods that Make Your Job Easier

Do you recognize the terms spiral approach, learning preferences, and cross-subject integration?

Read on for some quick explanations and—more importantly—to find out why those methods make your job easier.

Abeka’s spiral approach

Building from the simple to the complex, with frequent review and application within each grade and from grade to grade.

  • This means you prevent learning gaps from the first day you teach with Abeka until the last.
  • The work you put in now pays off later (like when thoroughly teaching and reviewing multiplication tables saves your child from dreading math).
  • Since repetition is the key to learning, concepts are truly learned–and remembered.
  • Because concepts aren’t presented just one time, or in one way, it means you’re giving your child multiple opportunities to be successful.
  • Rough days are less stressful when you realize you don’t have just ONE CHANCE to make sure your child understands a concept.

Learning preferences

When faced with the 3 major learning styles (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic, or hearing, seeing, and doing), learning preferences are how you prefer, if given a choice, to learn something. Instead of favoring 1 and neglecting the others, we incorporate all 3.

  • By using all 3, you’re teaching your children to be adaptable, resilient learners.
  • You’re preparing them for college and real life.
  • You’re not putting your children—or yourself—in a learning-preferences box.
  • You don’t have to feel guilty because you don’t use a different curriculum for each child.
  • You’re doing what the best teachers do to help their students learn.

Cross-subject integration

Pulling in concepts from 1 subject into several others to reinforce concepts and tie learning together

  • Learning comes to life more with cross-subject integration (like when students learn about Abraham Lincoln in history, read about him in language arts, do a project with pennies and top hats in art, and write a story using what they know).
  • Children feel a sense of familiarity and accomplishment when they see something they already learned (like spelling words) “pop up” in another subject (like science or literature).
  • It engages curiosity and emphasizes the big picture.

How much time does homeschooling with Abeka take?

The times below are based on the typical time it takes for many families. Since every family is unique, they won’t be true for everyone.

Times can vary based on how many children you have, whether you choose to school year-round, etc.

Each subject will take roughly 40 minutes for the “average” child, plus homework time.

That means…

  • In kindergarten, you can be done in about an hour and a half.
  • In elementary, you can be done by lunch.
  • In high school, you can be done by 2:00 or 3:00.

Teaching Time

How much of that time is independent work, and how much is teaching time?

Typically, there’s 10—15 minutes teaching time per subject. (This may increase for math and higher grades.)

How much time does homeschooling with Abeka Academy take?

The lessons for each grade include Bible, extra enrichment activities, and optional subjects like art. The times below don’t include homework time.

  • Kindergarten takes around 2 ⅓–3 hours.
  • Elementary takes about 3–3 ⅓ hours.
  • In junior high and high school, each class takes 45–50 minutes.

How does using Abeka for several children work?

If you’re using Abeka Academy video homeschooling for full grades, it’s very simple.

  • You’ll have video manuals to keep you and your kids on track. Quiz and test keys for grading will be included free.
  • Since you’re not the only teacher, you’ll check work and keep your kids accountable.
  • You can choose DVD or streaming format (whatever works better for you).

What if you want to do the teaching yourself?

It takes a little bit of planning ahead, but you can do it!

  • Since part of each lesson is teaching time and part is independent work, you can teach one child while the others work independently.
  • You could also consider teaching some of your children yourself and using video lessons for others. Or you could teach some subjects yourself and use video lessons for others.

Do you offer standardized testing?

Yes! You can choose from The Iowa Tests, Stanford 10 Online, and more.

Can I see samples?

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