Workbook V Quiz and Test Book

Workbook V Quiz and Test Book

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Item No.  108324
Grade 11th Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Binding Paperback
Pages 79
Edition 5th
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As your teenager learns to focus on precise, vivid diction and effective sentences, his increased composition skills are often remarkable. From clarity to conciseness, these quizzes and tests give ample opportunity for practical writing application while reviewing the essential foundation of grammatical skills. The quiz and test book is correlated with Handbook of Grammar and Composition, 5th ed.; Workbook V for Handbook of Grammar and Composition Work-text, 4th ed.; and the Homeschool English 11 Parent Guide/Student Daily Lessons. Answers and grading instructions are sold separately in Workbook V for Handbook of Grammar and Composition Quiz/Test Key. Grade 11.

Product Features

  • These prepared tests based on Abeka’s educational experience with both schools and homeschools evaluate your teen’s learning on multiple levels from recall to application in an easy-to-grade format. The content on the 12 tests covers essential tools for clear, correct, and effective speech and writing.
  • Sentence improvement is given added emphasis this year as students apply their grammar background to discerning structural problems or revising for more concise, effective communication.
  • Two nine-week exams and semester and final exams provide periodic cumulative review to reinforce essential grammar skills.
  • Each grammar and composition test is designed to be combined with its corresponding American Literature test for one test grade. Though the point values on the tests in eleventh grade give an edge to literature, grammar is still thoroughly taught and reviewed. Those with a weak grammar background will benefit from the comprehensive coverage of all the parts of speech; those with a strong grammar background from previous years in the Abeka curriculum will appreciate the increased emphasis on application to composition.
  • The 17 quizzes will help you evaluate your eleventh grader’s understanding of concepts as they are taught. In turn, you will know when extra reinforcement of a concept is needed. (For additional practice, see Supplementary Exercises for Workbook V for Handbook of Grammar and Composition.)
  • Bonus features include a book report reading record and an optional composition check sheet that will guide your eleventh grader in editing his writing and guide you in grading it.

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