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4th Grade

Grade 4 Child Kit (unbound)

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Grade 4 Child Kit (unbound)
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As your fourth grader seeks answers to “Who, what, when, where, why, and how,” you can help him navigate through this year of expanding horizons. The Grade 4 Child Kit contains all essential textbooks, including assessments, for an entire year of schooling—a total of 27 items. Combine this kit with the Grade 4 Parent Kit to provide your fourth grader with a strong foundation in academics and life skills from a Christian perspective.
·        Reading—What an exciting and growing year in reading! This year’s reading includes new-themed compilations and novels. Help your student dig deep into each piece by focusing on the rich literary components.
·        Language—There is still a lot of grammar and composition building to do in fourth grade! That means learning new concepts as they are tied to foundational concepts. This worktext gives your student exercises to practice capitalization, punctuation, correcting run-ons and fragments, recognizing all 8 parts of speech, and more. Broaden your student's writing ability by practicing the writing process and using a checklist for completing reports.
·        Writing—Your student will strengthen his penmanship and creative writing as he completes weekly enrichment activities that encourage thinking skills, creativity, handwriting proficiency, and penmanship enhancement. Your student will learn to research, gather information, and organize ideas for historical and scientific multi-paragraph essays that will prepare him to become an independent and confident writer. Additionally, this book is designed to build a character with historical figure quotations and verses included throughout.
·        Spelling and Poetry—Spelling is a learned and practiced art. The weekly spelling lists, complete with vocabulary words, definitions, and creative exercises, will make your student into a spelling artist! With a larger format, new artwork, and multisensory enrichment activities, spelling and poetry will be a favorite subject for your student!
·        Arithmetic—Your student will practice multiplying and dividing 2-digit numbers, estimating, and writing decimals as fractions. Additionally, your student will solidify his understanding of square measures, basic geometry, and proper and improper fractions. With interesting facts and theme-coordinated art, learning math can be fun.
·        History—From early colonization to the Biden presidency, teach your student about the discoveries, innovations, documents, wars, and people that have played a part in shaping America’s greatness.
·        Science and Health—For curious fourth graders, learning about the bodies they live in, plants, animals and their habitats, and the weather is not just an academic exercise. It is fascinating!
·        Art—This work text includes seasonal projects that help your student further his coloring, drawing, painting, shaping, and modeling abilities. Your artist will study primary, secondary, and complementary colors as they work with chalking and shading.

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4th Grade
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The following items are included in this kit:

338753 Once upon a Story  
358339 Pilgrim's Progress: Christiana's Journey  
338788 In His Hands  
338885 Song of the Brook—Revised  
338818 Road Trip East  
338834 Fables and Folktales  
359491 Gifts and Gadgets  
359513 Road Trip West  
338958 Reading Comprehension 4 Skill Sheets (Unbound)  
338923 Adventures in Other Lands Speed and Comprehension Reader  
338982 God's Gift of Language 4  
339032 Language 4 Quiz and Test Book (Unbound)  
339075 Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry 4—Revised  
339105 Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry 4 Test Book (Unbound)—Revised  
359289 Writing with Purpose 4 (unbound)  
339148 Arithmetic 4—Revised  
339199 Arithmetic 4 Quizzes, Tests, and Speed Drills (Unbound)—Revised  
339237 The History of Our United States—Revised  
339288 History of Our United States Quiz and Test Book (Unbound)—Revised  
339326 History of Our United States Geography Skills Book—Revised  
339385 My State Notebook (unbound)—Revised  
339415 Understanding God's World—Revised  
339466 Understanding God's World Quiz and Test Book (Unbound)—Revised  
339482 Understanding God's World STEM Activities Book—Revised  
339563 Developing Good Health—Revised  
339601 Developing Good Health Quiz and Test Book—Revised  
411531 Developing Good Health Activity Book—New  

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