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Grade 6 Total Teaching Package
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Teaching is more effective—and ordering is easier—when you choose a Total Teaching Package for Grade 6. This discounted bundle of products contains everything found in a full-grade Teacher Kit—Curriculum Lesson Plans, Teacher Editions, test and quiz keys, and more—plus all the charts, games, and teaching aids that are called for in the lesson plans but not included in the kit. And the products can be used for multiple years, increasing their cost effectiveness! Includes instruction for language, reading, penmanship/creative writing, spelling, vocabulary and poetry, arithmetic, science/health, and history and geography. Since some schools combine classes for Bible instruction, our Bible curriculum is sold separately.

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The following items are included in this kit:

408956 Grade 6 Curriculum Lesson Plans  
402435 Mountain Pathways Teacher Copy—Revised  
402478 Voyage of Discovery Teacher Copy—Revised  
402494 Of America II Teacher Copy—Revised  
402834 Adventures in Greatness Speed and Comp Reader  
402842 Reading Comprehension 6 Skill Sheets  
377147 Trapped in a Hot Air Balloon  
403725 Billy Sunday—Revised  
157252 God's Gift of Language C Teacher Edition  
157287 God's Gift of Language C Quiz and Test Key  
1849X Oral Language Exercises  
139092 Sentence Strips  
61204 Language 4-6 Charts  
157309 Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry 6 Teacher Edition  
157333 Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry 6 Test Key  
157341 Creative Writing  
94889 Cursive Writing Wall Cards  
157376 Arithmetic 6 Teacher Edition  
157392 Arithmetic 6 Quizzes, Tests, and Speed Drills Key  
151408 Addition Flashcards  
151416 Subtraction Flashcards  
137332 Multiplication Flashcards  
137731 Division Flashcards  
147761 Rapid Calculation Drills B  
151475 Arithmetic 5-8 Concept Cards  
104574 Arithmetic 3-8 Charts  
32328 Arithmetic 3-8 Tables and Facts Charts  
157414 Observing God's World Teacher Edition  
157449 Observing God's World Test Key  
157465 Observing God's World Quiz and Worksheet Key  
157481 Choosing Good Health Teacher Edition  
157511 Choosing Good Health Quiz, Test, and Worksheet Key  
108545 Science 4-6 Teaching Charts  
108618 Health 4-6 Teaching Charts  
91960 The Helicopter Bird CD  
157546 New World History and Geography Teacher Edition  
157597 New World History and Geography Test Key  
157627 New World History and Geography Quiz Key  
157562 New World History and Geography Maps and Activities Key  
157643 Geography Bowl Quiz Team Book  
157651 Nifty Fifty State and Capital Flashcards  
157678 Western Hemisphere Map Skill Cards (Grade 6)  
157635 New World History and Geography Review Maps B  
157686 Art C  
164305 Songs We Enjoy 6  
164313 Songs We Enjoy 6 CD  

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Grade 6 Total Teaching Package

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