5 Things Professors Want Homeschool Moms to Know

Homeschool moms

Before sending your children out into the world—whether that’s on a college campus or straight into the workforce—you want to be sure they’re prepared and equipped for the challenges they’ll face. But how can you know for sure they’re ready? Dr. John Reese, a professor at Pensacola Christian College and father of three homeschooled sons, knows this feeling better than anyone. Keep reading to hear his unique perspective and advice on how to prepare your homeschooler for college.

1. Dedicate Prayer

First, bathe your homeschooler in prayer; it changes things. Whether you have a strong-willed child who presents you with challenges or a child who loves doing school work, the first—and most important—thing you can do to prepare your child for the future is to pray for them. One of Dr. Reese’s sons had a strong will. Through prayer and by God’s grace, today he is a happily married attorney and father of three.

2. Set Deadlines

Academically, you will do your college-bound child a big favor if you set fixed academic deadlines and hold to them. That is one of the biggest adjustments Dr. Reese sees homeschooled students struggling to make. Let your young person know that a due date is just that. No exceptions.

3. Get Help

When high school rolled around, Dr. Reese and his wife realized they needed outside expertise with upper-level math, science, and language courses. They took advantage of online resources, such as those offered by Abeka, including teaching aids and the Abeka Academy helpline. They believe that because of these added resources and engaging tools caused their youngest son to fall in love with science and major in biology. He is now a fourth-year medical student.

4. Promote Writing

Give your homeschooler plenty of writing opportunities. A substantial portion of college academic work revolves around writing skills. The homeschooler who is equipped to write well will thrive in college. Abeka homeschool students have over 100 writing opportunities each elementary year. 

5. Build Character

There’s more to a successful college transition than academics. Look for ways to give your children character-building responsibilities. Provide opportunities to work and to play organized sports. Teach your homeschooler how to save money. A homeschooler who can handle money will be far ahead of most college-aged students. Teach your kids how to serve others. And lastly, pray about opportunities to involve your children in church-and-mission-related outreaches. 

If Dr. Reese had it to do all over again, he wouldn’t change a thing. He firmly believes God helped him successfully prepare his college-bound, homeschooled sons. 

If your high schooler is enrolled in Abeka Academy accredited, they can start preparing for college now by signing up for dual enrollment classes with Pensacola Chrisitan College (PCC). Taking college-level courses while finishing high school will set your kids up for success, plus, earning them college credit along the way. Learn more by visiting the PCC website.

Dr. John Reese holds a doctorate in history and has taught at PCC since 1985. 

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