Five Ways to End the Semester in Celebration l Guest Blogger Kara Cunningham

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We have finally made it to the end of the first semester for the 2020-2021 school year. Can I get an amen from my fellow homeschool mamas? Victories, big and small, should be celebrated!

Before we take a hiatus for winter break, the Cunningham homeschool celebrates milestones. Making it halfway through the school year is an accomplishment that deserves some major high fives, especially in 2020.

I’ve compiled a list of past end-of-semester celebrations in addition to our plans for future commemorations.

Themed Night

Themed nights are always a big hit in the Cunningham household. Host a taco or pizza party where the entire family can gather and discuss their semester highlights.

Decorate Sweet Treats

Grab a variety pack of school or holiday themed cookie cutters from Amazon for less than $10. Make an afternoon out of decorating sugar cookies or other sweet treats.

My kids love any excuse to eat sweets! It always feels like a celebration when you’re consuming large amounts of sugar in one setting.

Field Trip

Take a day trip to the aquarium, zoo, amusement park, or a local art museum. Fun adventures allow us to bond and spend time together as a family.


My favorite moments are when time allows us to get away as a family, even if just for a few days. As a fellow homeschool mom, you know that teaching homeschool is no joke. It’s a full-time job.

The entire family works together to make it through each semester, and we all deserve a reward. Everyone needs a quality dose of rest and relaxation to recharge after a busy semester. It serves as the perfect excuse to travel to the mountains, beach, or visit family.


As a homeschool family, what do our breaks look like? Breaks are necessary in any setting. Not only do the kids need a break, but us parents and teachers as well.

We value our time away from lessons and worksheets to prepare for the busy weeks ahead. On breaks, my family spends extra time bonding and creating cherished memories.

Extra time is incorporated into our schedule to dive into the Word. Prayers of thanksgiving are had, thanking God for a successful semester. We pray for continual blessings for the months to come.

It is paramount that we slow down and reflect on the ways that God has blessed us throughout the year. The Lord works in unexpected ways. Remembering these forgotten moments encourages us as we look ahead to starting a new semester.

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