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As we near the end of the first half of this school year, my kids are getting antsy. Some days, they do not have the focus for our regular schedule. It’s easy as a parent and teacher to get frustrated, but this is one of the reasons why I love homeschool. 

When difficult days become the norm, I switch it up and make school exciting. This keeps learning fun for my children and gets them back on track. After all, parents know their children better than anyone and desire the very best for them. 

As a sixth-year homeschool mom, I implement several methods to make school fun. I am excited to share a few with you today. I hope these ideas are uplifting on the tough days when you need a dose of encouragement and fresh perspective. 

Musical Chairs

Every three to four weeks, I take a classroom day and execute a mix-up/musical chairs. My kids love this and always ask to go first! This technique is a mixture of ‘show and tell’ and group learning at a co-op. 

Each child takes a turn, showing the others what he or she is working on. The kids also do their worksheets together in a group learning setting. 

The older children love helping their younger siblings because they get to assist with subjects that they recall. The younger kids are always interested in their older siblings’ curriculum and look forward to learning the same content in the future.

Girl standing in front of the classroom

Teacher For A Day

Every month, one of my children gets to be the teacher for a day. I go over the lesson plans with the “teacher” the day before it’s his or her time to shine. 

The teacher makes flashcards, charts, board work, and hands out worksheets. This is a simple and fun way to make kids feel special. They love getting time in the spotlight.

Mom pointing at Africa on map

Unit Study Days

Occasionally, we participate in specific unit study days. These are planned in advance to enable preparation time for necessary library resources, printables, and sometimes supplies for an experiment. 

On our unit study day, we spend time reading and researching our chosen topic. The children complete related worksheets. If they’re lucky, I prepare themed food, such as fish-shaped pancakes for a unit on ocean life. 

My kids love learning about ocean life, maps, and different cultures around the world. The older children will complete a longer project or essay if the subject is of particular interest to them. 

On these days, the kids learn a lot without realizing it. They are captivated by digging deeper into topics that genuinely interest them.

Fresh Air

When all else fails or everyone wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, grab your books and head outside. During long winter months, go to the library to teach your lessons. A change of scenery works wonders. 

When the weather permits, there are always fun things to learn outdoors. We live close to the Rocky Mountains. Often, we take our books to the mountains and hike until we find the perfect learning spot.

It is easier for the kids to read or complete worksheets amidst nature’s beauty. My first-grader collects pine cones and sticks to “help” him with his math problems. If you plan ahead, you can prepare a nature scavenger hunt or bird watch. This incorporates more learning, but the children are unaware.

Girl studying outdoor


When you have attempted to switch things up and every day is a struggle, it might be time to try a different approach. I was in this position when my second child was entering first grade. 

We were enrolled in Abeka Academy, but I now had two students in lower elementary grades. It became clear that a parent-led option would work better for our home. I love that Abeka offers video lessons on demand, as this option has fit our families needs perfectly. 

Abeka Video Lessons on Demand give me peace of mind as a homeschool mom. If there are difficult lessons that we are struggling to tackle on our own, I can easily turn on that specific lesson and have the experts help us through. 

Homeschooling is such a blessing. Part of that blessing is that each family can do what works best for them. Abeka offers flexibility, allowing our family to adjust to meet the needs of our children. This sets our children up for success and allows them to receive the best education possible.

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