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A Day in the Life of Rachel Witt

Rachel Witt’s story involves being a mom, wife, teacher, traveler, and health enthusiast. On top of that, she works full time. With only so many hours during the day, organization and adaptation are key to her success.

Rachel Witt’s laugh is infectious. You can see the way it resonates on the faces of her three children and husband, feel it throughout her Roanoke, Virginia, home. That same good-natured spirit is also readily apparent in her teaching. It’s this combination of optimism and positive reinforcement that might make you wish she had been your third-grade teacher. And by the way she conducts her homeschool classroom, it’s as if teaching is her full-time job.

But as we take a closer look into her life, we discover that not only is Rachel a homeschool teacher, wife, and mother of three, she’s also a business owner, world traveler, and health enthusiast. In order to keep it all in perspective, she focuses on faith and family. The rest takes care of itself.

Morning Routine

As a mother of three young children, you might say that Rachel doesn’t get a lot of time to herself. She teaches the two oldest, Deacon, who is in third grade, and Grace, a first grader. The youngest, Carson, is just two years old and frequently needs his mother’s attention. So, she rises early, long before the kids begin to stir. She reads scripture, takes notes, and reflects in what she calls her “quiet chair.”

“Quiet contemplation is the foundation of my day,” she said. “I need that time to myself to just think – think about my children, my husband, the day’s school lessons, and what I need to do for work – because once the kids are up, we’re going full speed.”

Green Means Go

Typically, Carson is the first of Rachel’s children to wake and lets the household know by calling for his mom. His voluble cries to get out of his crib are the alarm clock that wakes Deacon and Grace, and they begin to make their way downstairs where the family has breakfast together. Afterward, the kids get dressed while Rachel sets up their classroom for the day. Sometimes it’s the dining rooms table, others it’s the kitchen counter, and then some days she might simply replace their cereal bowls with books, supplies, and lesson plans and hold class at the breakfast table. Of course, that’s the beauty of homeschool – it’s education wherever and whenever.

“I’m using the parent-led lessons right now and don’t have to do any prep work,” Rachel said. “Everything I need is right there. As a former teacher, I can tell you the Abeka curriculum is a blessing.”

Mountain Life at Midday

The Witt’s home is located just outside of the Roanoke city limits in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The backyard is surrounded by woods. Same with the front though you can spot a neighbor’s house through the trees now that the foliage is on the ground. It’s both secluded and accessible since town is just a short drive away.

Deacon and Grace typically finish the day’s lesson around lunch. After a quick bite, it’s time to go outside. Deacon loves to play basketball with Rachel’s husband, Josh, or peddle around on his bicycle. Grace is fascinated by art. She prowls the property, head down, looking at the various shapes and designs of the flora. And the youngest, Carson, does what most two-year- olds do. He toddles around, chasing his older siblings or one of the Witt’s three dogs.

“Having the ability to let the kids go outside and play, get their exercise, is a super important part of our homeschool experience,” Rachel said. “We’re also really active in our church which gives them ample opportunity to get involved in activities and socialize throughout the year.”

The Healthy Side of Life

Rachel’s business is called AdvoCare. Several years ago, Rachel realized she needed to take a better approach to diet and exercise. She was feeling a bit down, both mentally and physically. And as we know, life has a tendency to tug a little too hard at times. That’s when she found AdvoCare, and after it helped lift her mind and body of the doldrums, she decided to work with them full time.

“I was looking for a health solution when I found AdvoCare,” Rachel said. “I didn’t want to do some crazy diet that would cause drastic changes to my body. Rather, I wanted to focus on diet and exercise.”

As part of the AdvoCare team, Rachel is essentially coaching others through their health journey. “In order to keep up the pace of a busy life, mental and physical health is super important,” she said. “I want others to know it’s not impossible.”

Juggling It All

For moms like Rachel, daily life is about being organized yet adaptive. She makes sure her children complete their lessons and have their needs fulfilled throughout the day. Then, she dedicates the evening, after the kids have gone to bed, to her business. If she has to stay up a little later or get up earlier the following morning, that’s all part of the process.

“I make time for the things that are really important to me,” Rachel said. “And with the ability to teach my children and work from home, I’m so lucky to constantly be around my family… because they are the important things.”

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