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What a close to the school year! In the blink of an eye, parents were suddenly handed the responsibility of being a teacher. And while it may not have been easy, hopefully one day everyone can look back and say, “We made it work, and our kids are on track.”

Staying on track is the hard part. For many, there are only a few weeks left of the school year and then comes summer, when retention from the previous year becomes the new concern. But kindergarten through 2nd grade is a pivotal time for your kids to sharpen and master the important concepts math and reading are built on in order to succeed in elementary school and beyond.

If you’re looking for resources and tools to reinforce those fundamental concepts, we’ve got you covered. It doesn’t matter if you’re using the Abeka curriculum or not. We’ve designed these resources to stand alone and support kindergarten through 2nd grade math and reading, regardless of the school system or curriculum your child has been educated with.

We offer engaging books, readers, flashcards, and more to keep your kindergartener through 2nd grader on track while they’re at home learning with you now and into the summer. Let’s start with some of the most popular books we offer for reading, phonics, and math.

Books to Build a Foundation

Letters and Sounds (K5 and 1st Grade)

Containing nine oral evaluations and 21 tests, Letters and Sounds K5 equips you to teach your child the fundamentals of phonics. In the back of the book, there are colorful incentive awards to use throughout the year to motivate your child to succeed.

By applying their understanding of one- and two-vowel words, special phonics sounds, and blends, your child will learn to create words, finish sentences, solve puzzles, and color pictures.

Colorful phonics worksheets will help your child learn to read and recognize their letters and their sounds. This book uses phonics exercises to help your child associate pictures and words, enhance his or her vocabulary, develop reasoning and listening skills, and follow directions.


ABC-123 is the perfect workbook to introduce your child to basic phonics and numbers skills. It uses colorful exercises to help your child learn to count to 20 and read one-vowel and two-vowel words.

Using blend ladders and coloring exercises, your child will learn to recognize all of their letters and the sounds they make as well as how to count and recognize a specific number of objects. With coloring, matching, dot-to-dot, and tracing exercises, this workbook will give your child a firm understanding of reading and numbers.

Phonics and Language 2

Give your child an excellent foundation in sentence structure, language development, and grammar with Phonics and Language 2. It uses the special phonics sounds that will help expand their vocabulary, enhance word analysis skills, and increase reading speed.

Each lesson is filled with special word challenges, puzzles, riddles, and exercises. By the end of the year, your child’s reading skills will be sharper, and they will write more clearly, correctly, and concisely.

Number Skills

Your child will learn number concepts from 1-100 and practical skills including telling time, bill and coins value, using a calendar, and much more. Written and oral evaluations are also provided in the book to measure how well your child grasps these important concepts. The colorful pages will make learning numbers fun.

Best Readers to Keep Your Kids Interested

Fun with Friends

The 29 stories in this delightfully illustrated reader will be an exciting addition to your child’s reading journey. This is the first book in the Abeka Reading Program for 2nd grade. Each of the 10 books gradually advances your child’s reading skills.

Through stories, your child will learn about character traits such as friendship, gratitude, and forgiveness. Each story will begin to expose him or her to literary terms such as the title, author, character, and the main character.

Plus, each story is followed by an exercise in matching sentences with pictures, reading words or phrases from the story, or marking true statements about what happened.

Fun with Pets

This is the first book in the Abeka Reading Program for grade 1. It’s a great way to jump into 1st grade reading with these one- and two-vowel word stories that are all about animals! The 15 stories in this delightfully illustrated Fun with Pets reader will be an exciting way to get started on this journey. The reader is the first of nine books, with each book gradually advancing your child’s reading skills in accordance with his or her phonics instruction.

Before each story begins, consonants will be introduced with images of small flashcards such as “F” as in “fox”, while the vowel for the story will be introduced in blends such as “a” as in “fa.” The end of each story is celebrated with a coloring section along with exercises to recall the details of what happened in the story.

Basic Phonics Readers

Help your child foster a love of reading at an early age with the Basic Phonics Readers. The first four of these 13 readers help your child review one- and two-vowel words, while the last nine readers help your child incorporate those reading principles into age-appropriate stories.

By the end of K5, your child will be using phonics blends and special phonics sounds to read complete stories.

Little Books 1-12

Teach your child how to build words by combining consonant and vowel sounds. Little Books 1-12 include 12 short readers that start with the basic vowel and consonant sounds and graduate into complete words and sentences. These introductory readers use one-vowel words, colorful pictures, and review exercises to engage your child as he or she learns to read.

Fun Flashcards for Phonics and Math

Mini Alphabet

Use colorful pictures to spark your child’s memory. These 31 cards use animals and objects to help your child remember the sound that each letter makes. “O” for ostrich and “D” for dog are just a few of the cards your child will use as he or she memorizes letters and sounds.

With 26 letters and five additional cards for the long-vowel sounds, your child will have fun-sized, educational visuals of their own.

Basic Phonics

Basic Phonics Flashcards will help introduce and drill the phonetic special sounds to your little one. A clue word is provided for each sound to help your child learn the sound quickly through association.

The front of the card features the special sound, and its clue word is illustrated and spelled out. On the back are several practice words incorporating the sound. This invaluable teaching aid covers all phonics special sounds in the Basic Phonics Reading Program. The 132 color-keyed cards match the large and small phonics charts for your easy reference. 

Arithmetic Addition Flashcards

Sharpen your child’s recall, speed, and accuracy with Addition Flashcards. These cards contain the problem on the front and the problem with the listed answer on the back for numbers 1-18.

Whether you’re practicing on the go or playing fun review games at home, you can use these flashcards to enhance your child’s understanding of addition.

The addition of any of these books, readers, or flashcards to your current math and reading program is sure to enhance and elevate your child’s learning experience. They’re not your typical core curriculum resources – they’re colorful, interactive, and engaging. And better yet, all of these resources will provide you with more ways to be involved in the incredible process of your child learning.

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May 20, 2022


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Kandive Howard:
May 20, 2022

Im looking to teach my child kindergarten to 2nd grade while the Covid is going on.

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Abeka Admin:
May 20, 2022

Hi there! Are you wanting to enroll them into our video program? You can purchase a video enrollment online at

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Marilyn wilson:
May 20, 2022

What do you have for 2-4 year olds?

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Abeka Admin:
May 20, 2022

We have a K4 video program and parent-taught program. For 2s and 3s, we have individual workbooks you can purchase and a homeschool Bible kit.

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