Make Homeschooling With Abeka Work For You: How Ruth Tinsley Does It

Ruth Tinsley

Four years ago, Ruth Tinsley worried she didn’t have what it takes to teach homeschool. She learned on day one that the Abeka curriculum gave her the tools she needed to succeed.

Ruth Tinsley’s twins, Piper Lee and Harper, had just turned four years old. Ruth had a good idea that she wanted to homeschool her daughters, same as her mother had done. Like her mother and so many other mothers who’ve had to make this very decision, Ruth was apprehensive.

“I went to my mom,” Ruth said, “a veteran homeschooler, and expressed my anxiety.” Ruth felt insufficient. She doesn’t think of herself as a patient person. Yet her mother’s wisdom prevailed.

“She told me, ‘Ruth, I had the exact same emotions. If you go talk to any homeschool moms, they’re going to tell you how easy it is with Abeka.’”

So, Ruth listened. She heard from moms who’d been doing it just a few years, and others whose kids were out of college. They all told her the same thing: That Abeka’s curriculum is set up so there is no preparation. Once you’re finished for the day, you’re done until tomorrow.

“If you just trust the curriculum, it’s going to get you through every time,” Ruth said.

Like anything else, it was a learning experience. Still is, really. Plus, Ruth quickly learned about the vast community of homeschool moms just like her, which became an invaluable resource.

“You can reach out on Facebook and have ten moms message you,” Ruth said. “They were always willing to help whether that was us getting together to start a co-op or doing something like an art class once a week. It’s made me feel so much better throughout the entire experience.”

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