Real Talk: The Best Things About Homeschool

best things about homeschooling

Abeka moms, Christine and Dana, both have husbands with atypical schedules. A traditional school environment made it difficult for their husbands to spend time with their kids. Since the switch to homeschool, these families have seen a huge improvement. It’s allowed more time for their children to be around their fathers and has created the flexibility they needed to get a great education built on a Christian foundation.

Family Time

Christine started homeschooling her children sixteen years ago. Her husband’s job required that he work weekends, and his schedule wouldn’t allow for them to have a true family day. At the time, their kids were in a typical school environment Monday through Friday. But once they began homeschool with Abeka, they were finally able to have time together as a complete family.

Dana and her husband own and operate a ranch, and when they decided on homeschool, he had been traveling frequently for work as well. It was getting tough for the entire family to spend time together. Dana and her children also help out on the ranch, so when issues arose in their public school system, she started digging for ways to keep her children at home to have more time for family, to help on the ranch, and to better their education. After attending a homeschool conference and a lot of research, she chose Abeka Academy. For their family, the video homeschool lessons have been the perfect fit.


Abeka Academy made it easy for Dana. DVD and video lessons on demand helped to lighten the load, and the accredited option gave her peace of mind that her children were always on track. “They did the work for me,” she said.

Dana and Christine have more in common than they knew. When they made the decision to homeschool with Abeka, it gave each of their families the opportunity and flexibility to grow closer.


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July 4, 2022


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Barbara Newsome:
July 4, 2022

I am so thankful for this homeschool program .
Everything about it was perfect for us . There are many advantages to homeschooling and the needs are different for
each family. For us it was the need for a great education and the ability to stay together .
My husband was diagnosed with cancer when our youngest daughter was 5 years old and ready for kindergarten . This program made it possible for us to stay together . His treatment required a lot of travel and time away from home that he was not willing to do if it was to separate our family . We chose the program, stayed together through it all .
We continued to home school from kindergarten through the completion of high school . Kara continued her education with college and graduated from Murray State University , Magna Cum Laude with a degree in music .
Our daughter received an excellent education with the most amazing teachers ! She loved them all!
We did lose her dad when she was a junior in high school but she did not miss one moment with him !
Thank you ABeka!
Touching lives in ways you do not know!

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Rebecca Waters:
July 4, 2022

Hey I love this program I have 2 Kids But 1 more to go.LOL

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