Reasons to Teach Your Child Before K5

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As a parent, you want your child to succeed. Even more than that, you want your child to thrive, and that all starts with their education. One way to ensure your child is ahead of the game when kindergarten starts is to introduce learning early. Start getting your child excited about learning by showing them just how fun it can be. By the time kindergarten rolls around, they will be literally counting down the days.

Build an Educational Foundation

Building an interest in learning is the best foundation a young child can have going into kindergarten. “Education” doesn’t have to take place at a kitchen table or a desk. Show your child just how fun learning can be by introducing it into their everyday lives. Have them count how many red apples you’re buying at the grocery store, or teach them the importance of measuring ingredients while making dinner. Pick a letter of the day, and everywhere you go have them spot items or animals that begin with that letter. Once you’ve shown your child how learning can take place anywhere during any activity, they will become more inquisitive and eager to learn.

Encourage Learning

Letting your child know you believe in them will encourage them to keep on learning. Show enthusiasm for your child’s interests and encourage them to explore subjects that fascinate them. If your child loves flowers, take on a nature walk at a botanical garden to see and learn about different kinds of flowers, or teach them gardening skills by showing them how to plant and take care of a favorite flower. Discuss the different ways to learn new information with enthusiasm. On a rainy day, show them gardening videos online or find out more about the flowers they are growing by going to the library and checking out a book.

Build On Rock, Not Sand

Matthew 7:24-27 directs Christians to build your house on a foundation of rock, not sand. Abeka’s curriculum is built on biblical principles that will serve as a solid foundation for your children for years to come. And that is why many homeschool moms choose to use it. As a parent, you are your child’s first influencer. You have a unique opportunity to be a resource of Christian values for them. Teach them biblical stories with moral lessons where the engaging narrative captures their attention. Incorporating these stories into your daily routine doesn’t have to be tedious. Read them a story after breakfast or before bed, then after discuss the lesson and the Christian value that was taught and how important it is.

Provide a Positive Distraction

Children at this age are full of energy. Getting them to sit still or play with their toys while you try to get something done is not an easy task. Instead of handing them their usual toys, have them match letters. This will engage their mind and keep them occupied all while teaching valuable reading skills. There are also educational games available on tablets and Ipads. Set aside a half hour of “screen time” for them to play and learn on the tablet. These games are meant to capture the attention of growing minds and will keep them captivated while you accomplish what you need to accomplish.

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