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A Different Take on Field Trips

The school year is starting up, and so is the season for field trips!

Maybe you feel like you’ve taken the kids on the same field trips year after year. Or maybe you’re just looking for some creative new ideas…

Before you put your field-trip schedule together, read on for a few inexpensive, hands-on options.

A Run of the Farm

Whether you live near dairy farms or orchards, you have the unique opportunity to take a look at farm life. The farmer may let everyone help out a little. Some dairy farms even let you make your own cheese and butter!

man digging up a fossil
Digging Up History

Fossil sites are usually out in the middle of nowhere, but they’re well worth the trip. They often include a small artifacts museum, hiking, and a hands-on tour.

A Botanical Experience

Nothing says “science” like a house full of plants. Visit a plant nursery—and bring everyone’s science textbooks. Try to name the plants and insects you find.

The Outdoor Orchestra

While it’s still warm, try sitting in on an outdoor orchestra performance in your area. Spread out a blanket and give the kids a chance to appreciate the fine art of music.

The Doughnut Detour

Many restaurants offer a behind-the-scenes tour of their kitchens to small groups. What better place to start than your local doughnut shop? The kids will be wowed by an ordinary place, and possibly even get free samples out of the visit.

The Artsy Classroom

Many art galleries charge nothing to get in and look around. Some even offer free craft days or weekly art classes. The kids might be able to meet and interview artists if they work in the studio!

release of brown trout
Swimming Upstream

Fish hatcheries are common near most bodies of water. Many celebrate their fish returning to the stream with food, science, art activities, and more! Even during the off season, the whole family can take a tour to see the stages of a fish’s life.

Order in the Court

Some courthouses allow visitors to sit in on real cases. Take advantage of this and give your older children a tangible lesson in the judicial system. Some courthouses even provide the opportunity for students to meet a judge and ask questions.

We hope you’ll be able to fit a few of these into your schedule this year. It’s always an adventure to try something new!


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