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11th Grade

Grade 11 Homeschool Student Kit—Revised

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Grade 11 Homeschool Student Kit—Revised
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All your teen needs in one convenient kit! Abeka's high-quality, traditional-education materials will give your 11th grader a solid foundation for excellence in academics and success in life. The Grade 11 Student Kit contains all essential textbooks and coordinated materials, including assessments, for an entire year of schooling in English, geometry, chemistry, and U.S.history—17 items total. Combine this kit with the Grade 11 Parent Kit to confidently teach and guide your junior through a year of academic excellence from a biblical worldview.


  • English
    American Literature—Great American short stories, poems, and other selections are organized by genre and periods to exemplify the specific characteristics of the time period—a great introduction to college literature studies! Studying Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter is a literary treat.
    Grammar and Composition—The grammar handbook used in grades 11–12 will become an invaluable resource, even in college! It provides a complete treatment of the elements necessary for effective writing and correct grammar. Eleventh graders work on college-prep writing assignments in research, essays, and literary analysis.
    Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry—The emphasis on the origin of vocabulary words; word analysis through the study of prefixes, roots, and suffixes; and word analogies is an education in itself! In addition to 144 vocabulary words, your teen will learn more than 1,000 synonyms and antonyms. And memorize 9 poems!
  • Plane Geometry—Extensive work with proofs correlated with application exercises propel your teen into analytical thinking.
  • Chemistry—Molecular and descriptive chemistry from a Creation-based, Christian perspective. Your junior will start off with subatomic particles and the periodic table and graduate into balancing chemical equations and understanding chemical bonds. Nearly 400 figures and charts and 32 articles that relate chemistry to everyday life help your junior understand and appreciate chemistry.
  • U. S. History—A narrative and visualized study of American history from the time before there were boundaries and state lines to America's involvement in space exploration. Your teen will learn the events, wars, inventions, and people that have influenced America.

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11th Grade
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The following items are included in this kit:

174645 Handbook of Grammar and Composition
108308 Workbook V for Handbook of Grammar and Composition
108324 Workbook V Quiz and Test Book
174599 Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry V
174629 Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry V Quiz Book
108359 American Literature
86487 The Scarlet Letter (Literary Classics)
108367 American Literature Quiz and Test Book
95370 Plane Geometry
178101 Plane Geometry Test and Quiz Book
318744 United States History: Heritage of Freedom—Revised
377244 United States History: Heritage of Freedom Quiz and Test Book Volume 1—Revised
377279 United States History: Heritage of Freedom Quiz and Test Book Volume 2—Revised
182931 Chemistry: Precision and Design
182966 Chemistry Test Book
182982 Chemistry Quiz Book
183024 Chemistry Laboratory Manual

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Grade 11 Homeschool Student Kit—Revised

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