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Item No.  195251
Grade 1st Grade
Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5
Binding Paperback
Pages 128
Edition Sixth
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Boost your child’s fluency in reading with the 37 stories and poems in Tiptoes! This is the second book (1b) in the Abeka Reading Program for grade 1. Each of the nine books gradually advances your child’s reading skills in accordance with his phonics instruction. This book reviews the rules for one- and two-vowel words and special phonics sounds introduced in the previous reader, Fun with Pets, and concentrates on more phonics sounds from Basic Phonics Charts 6–7. Gr. 1.

Product Benefits

  • Story variety! From poems about nature to stories about family, these pieces will not only appeal to your child but also expand his enjoyment for a variety of subject matter and formats.
  • Food for thought. Comprehension questions at the end of the selections emphasize reading for meaning. Some of the questions are even designed to start developing your child’s reasoning ability. Additional comprehension/discussion questions are provided in the teacher edition (sold separately).
  • Character-building truths. Character traits such as cleanliness, industry, kindness, obedience, and persistence are emphasized through the stories and through Bible verses. Your child will learn the importance of these qualities and ways to incorporate them into his own life.
  • Focus on phonics. Before each story, “Words to Watch For” and a focus on particular phonics sounds and new vocabulary prepare your child for success. He can approach the story feeling confident as he learns to read step by step.
  • Reading fun! Your child will love the creative work pages that reinforce his phonics and reading skills. He will enjoy underlining rhyming words, matching pictures with sentences, solving riddles, and more!

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